Monday, February 3, 2014

February Special: Love Your Lips!

Let’s face it, full lips are viewed as a sign of sensuality and youth. We tend to focus on the aging face using facial creams, lasers and surgery, but we seldom give our lips the same care and attention. Because of this neglect, once young, vibrant, full lips become a distant memory. 

Fortunately, there are relatively easy solutions to restore the lips to a more youthful state. They can be enlarged using fillers, autologous fat (our own fat) and lip implants.  All of these modalities are effective and are used in my practice.

For most people, I tend to favor the Perma Facial lip implants because they provide a permanent solution. These implants are made of a soft, smooth solid, contoured silicone. The implant cannot rupture or deflate, and the great news is that the procedure is easily carried out in the office.  The photo below is one of my patients who has had the implants…you decide.

Let’s not forget the texture of your lips.  Just in time for Valentine’s Day, this limited edition Luscious Lips Combo by Therapon will leave your lips feeling smooth. As most of you know, Therapon is our wonderful skin care line that provides answers to pigment, texture and most any other skin care concern.

As you can see, there are clearly many options available and there is no excuse to ignore your lips any longer. Whether your lips are too thin or have lines or texture issues, there are solutions.  I look forward to seeing you so that we may discuss how you can have more youthful lips. 

As an added incentive for the month of February, I am offering a $300.00 discount on the Perma Facial Lip Implant procedure.  There is no reason not to…LOVE YOUR LIPS!


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  2. Nice surgery. Thanks a lot for this awesome post. Face Forward

  3. Thanks a lot for sharing! I have been thinking about going for a lip job. I am not afraid of going under a knife because I have done a plastic surgery before. What I have undergone is a face lift and I am completely happy with the results :-) I did not know the results of a face lift surgery could work this effectively! I think that might have made me think about a second surgery. How well do you know about going for a lip job after a face lift?